Thursday, March 13, 2014

Woolorama wins!

I enjoyed great success at Wagin Woolorama this year, winning three prizes.

My studio painting Bantam Rooster took out first prize in the oil and acrylic category while my plein air painting Narpyn Cottage, winter morning was awarded second prize in the same category.

Bantam Rooster
30x40cm oil on board. 
 © Andy Dolphin

Narpyn Cottage, winter morning.
Plein air. 38x35cm oil on board.
© Andy Dolphin

Bantam Rooster also won the Agricultural Award. This means it will now have to travel to the Perth Royal Show in September to be exhibited and judged with all other Agricultural Award winners from around the state.

Here I am with Woolorama Art Award coordinator Natala King...

Andy Dolphin, Natala King, Wagin Woolorama

The major award went to Perth artist Casss Gartner for her watercolour painting An Early Morning Walk.


  1. oh great
    thanks a lot
    now Barb say I HAVE to take her the Royal show this year
    she insisted on (only, could of been more) going twice last year

  2. opppssss
    forgot to say well done
    i bet the Colonel would love that chicken

  3. Dear Andy,

    Riverlands Montessori School in West Swan is inviting all emerging and professional artists to participate in the cubic27 fundraising project.

    We would like to personally invite you to participate in this worthwhile project.

    Please visit for further information.

    I did drop off some fliers at Ellis House a few weeks ago.

    Hope to hear back from you.

    Kind Regards

  4. Thank you Judith, I'll take a look.