Monday, June 2, 2014

On the easel - Brass & Bear

Here's my latest still life oil painting in progress. It is the third in a series of paintings featuring polished brass.

Still life oil painting with brass jug pitcher and ceramic bear by Andy Dolphin
Brass & bear - stage 1
25x30cm oil on board. 
 © Andy Dolphin

This isn't too far from a finished product but I do want to get in and make some refinements. I'll give it a few days to dry then get stuck into it again.

I am loving the reflective brass with the brilliant red tablecloth.

The ceramic bear was found last week in a local op-shop. The rose is synthetic and is one of a bunch that came from a secondhand shop, along with another brass vase that will no doubt show up in a painting soon.

My collection of brass and other oddments is growing quite fast.

Object collection for still life paintings

All I need now is the time to use them all in paintings.

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  1. Hi Andy, I found your blog by googling for "brass pitcher still life". I was looking for inspiration on setting up a good still life composition using my brass pitcher...which is identical to yours! It's a wonderful object...I thought it would be a natural in still lifes and yet somehow I just can't find the right combination of things to put with it, colors around it, etc. Your paintings with it are helping me get ideas! I love the red cloth with it! Your paintings are so vibrant and wonderful. Thank you for sharing a little about them and about your process.