Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#CensusFail 2016 - hashtag cloud

With the Australian Census now pretty much declared an international embarrassment, a farce, a fiasco and an exercise in unwarranted bravado, the larrikin in me couldn't help itself.

On Tuesday morning the ABS chief blamed the system failure on "an attack". On Tuesday afternoon we were advised by the minister responsible that it "wasn't an attack". On Thursday morning Malcolm Turnbull PM was again describing it as "an attack" and saying it was inevitable.

The graphic-artist-cum-cartoonist-cum-stirrer in me just had to make a hashtag cloud to sum up my view of the situation.

ABS 2016 Census #censusfail hashtag cloud

Maybe they'll have it up and running before the next Census is due in five years.


  1. no hashtag for
    cos i did mine :)
    before it crashed

  2. No hashtag for #myWifeDidMineOnPaper either, even though she did :)

    Just as well too because I dislike filling in forms and I especially despsise filling in big forms online and, as it turns out, the OS on this machine isn't supported by #CensusFail and now, neither is public DNS - so lots of people still can't do it.

    If this goes on much longer, I could make two more of these graphics using actual census-related hashtags, not just some I made up.

    1. ...but I imagine the govt will still say it was delivered on time and on budget, like the NBN we're not even getting!

  3. I guess you are still on dial up, all the way down there

  4. Actually, we got #fraudband before Perth, I think.