Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spam in art

I'm getting a lot of spam lately from overseas companies selling cheap reproductions of paintings. I've deleted five comments in two days.

The comments are usually repetitious (the same comment is often posted to several articles on one blog and you'll usually find identical comments on other people's blogs), and have nothing to do with the articles they're posted to – showing that the person (or robot) posting the comment has no interest in the blog articles but is simply hoping to direct blog readers to their own site via free advertising. They hope to trade off the blogger's popularity.

If you get these comments on your own blog, can I suggest that you delete them too so as not to encourage the practice?

Elizabeth Tyler has a bit more to say about these likely art scammers on her blog.


  1. Thank you for writing about this, it is an increasing problem. On my blog a so called "Peter Pascal" comments all the time. I detete them but he keeps coming back. I've reported him to no avail so far, perhaps you should report him too. He'll probably just change identity though.
    You have beautiful paintings by the way!
    kind regards Elizabeth

  2. Thanks Elizabeth.

    I don't think reporting is worthwhile. Google would need an army to stay on top of the spammers. The best we can do is delete the comments asap so our own readers are never inconvenienced by them. And yes, PP has commented here once.

    I'm not sure if marking them as spam in the dashboard, before deleting them, would assist the spam detector for future comments from the same blog ID.

    Thanks also for your comment on my work. I just took a look at your own blog ... spectacular work.